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Terms & Conditions 

Friends’ School Lisburn are offering you the unique opportunity to invest in a part of our Legacy Trail. By pledging £250 in support of our FSL250 Campaign, Old Scholars, parents, staff, and friends of the school are invited to have their name, along with the years attended or their house name inscribed on a brick. Some examples are illustrated below: 

Line 1: ‘John Smith’
Line 2: ‘1979 – 1986’, or ‘Aughrim’ 


Terms & Conditions 

A pledge of £250 entitles the donor to a single brick with 2 lines of text. The maximum number of characters on each line, including spaces, is restricted to 16. 

With the exception of families who can be recorded as ‘The Smith Family’ e.g. Line 1:‘The Smith and Line 2: ‘Family’, inscriptions must be the names of individuals only – not companies or organisations. 

To maintain a consistent format across all bricks, we are unable to facilitate pre-nominal titles or post-nominal letters alongside your name. 

If purchasing multiple bricks, they should have different individual names. 

If you would like to sponsor a brick as a family, this can be recorded as ‘The Brown Family’. 

Line 1: ‘The Brown’
Line 2: ‘Family’ 

If you would like to sponsor a brick to represent your house, team, or club, please use the following format: 

Line 1: 1st XI Hockey
Line 2: 1980. 

Line 1: Croob
Line 2: 2024-2025 

FSL reserves the right to approve all lettering and to refuse any application considered unsuitable. In such cases FSL has no obligation to cite a reason and a full refund will be offered. 

Engraving of the Bricks will be done by a specialist engraver but names will not be painted.  

Donors do not receive a brick. It will be installed on the FSL250 wall on the Legacy Trail. 

FSL will have complete control over the location and installation date of the bricks. 

FSL guarantees to maintain the wall for the lifespan of the building, however the bricks may become worn or damaged over time owing to natural causes. No liability can be accepted for this by FSL 

Every effort will be made to keep the bricks in the chosen location, however FSL reserves the right to move or relocate the bricks without liability. 

Any amendments to the name provided on the order form must be made within 14 days of purchase; thereafter FSL accepts no responsibility for changed or incorrect names. 

Bricks may differ in colour from those illustrated.

If you would like to discuss any payment options or for any other queries, please contact: Stephanie Grainger, Development Director, 

Telephone: 028 9266 2156